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2.16.2017 Alternate shot of the #castandcrew for the fledgling " #ExperimentallyILL #TV " : episode 1 which coincides with episode 100 of the #ExperimentallyILL #Radio #podcast effort brought together (L-R) cartoonist/comic/filmmaker Pete Jaquay on robotic cameras, after reduced appearances on the podcast due to location, "Weird" Artist/Writer/Filmmaker D.L. Polonsky came out of a 6 year retirement from the local TV/Film world for me to lend his art and insight to this project, after we had lunch after a 2-3 year gap in seeing each other, I, #mikeotoole, am the main host and producer of this project out of necessity, after hearing listeners and lome participants desires for a video component of the podcast but my own technical means being limited as one man in the starving-artist game – going to another studio is a perk to some and a burden to others, having grown accustomed to the freedoms my home studio provides. What's a project without the fun of sharing it with friends? The best part of this is perhaps introducing the likes of alternative model @xmissmarymackx, as co-host, and IT guy Chris Kimball, as technical director-in-training, to the world of studio television production that DL and I either took for granted or were burned out on. The idea to return to TV with the Experimentally ILL crew under my arm was an idea circulating in my head for almost two years… Glad to see it manifest from an incubated-thought into an adult, despite the expected growing pains. If nothing else, the audio podcast continues and will be videotaped via GoPro and more, and the TV studio effort will provide more digestible YouTube content via & live sometimes on Thursdays around 6pm EST via Photo by filmmaker/artist Christiana Celli (audio board operator for this episode.) I am one person on a budget of zero, so DIY TV requires you to join these heroes – to see the show improved, join us in rolling up your sleeves behind the scenes, and feel free to suggest #indiemedia area guests who are artistic or interesting. Skype calls & live streams soon! Persist 2 get ILL! #bts #punk #goth #pinbackbuttons #talkshow

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