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Link: Http:// Experimentally ILL Radio 99 with @ MikeOToole AIR DATE 11/10/2016 Guest: Avant-Garde Filmmaker/World Traveler/Actor John Hartman of @ReelGroovyFilms ( returns for a funny and informative follow-up long-form chat covering more of his life story since episode 83, including talk of his late 1980's Hollywood pursuits as a commercial actor, appearing as the lead in the SVHS feature film White Trash as a 19-year-old prostitute, doing a test shoot for PlayGirl Magazine and nearly getting into porn movies after being propositioned by a children's party clown who also worked in the adult film industry, running into porn legend Ron Jeremy at a party, later discovering a photo-realistic 'Ron Jeremy' mask worth thousands, living in a Scientology house as the one non-Scientologist, Scientology at large, third-eye approach to indie filmmaking as a writer/director today, appeal of the GoPro camera, current shoots for his VHS feature The Shackling & it's message of media's misguided focus on celebrity & violence, the counter-culture community, being a hippie/biker & working with actors in the alternative club scene, seeing Black Sabbath & Twisted Sister in concert, his struggle with ADHD, being addicted to shooting new movie footage, addiction at large & how to overcome obstacles, light VS dark & the responsibility to inspire in a positive way, showing restraint with fetish elements in films, his ongoing Retro Tube VHS webseries TV vignettes like Planet Dystopia, featuring Mike, Dawn Nightshade & satirist US presidential candidate Vermin Supreme, video journals of strange & abandoned places like the oldest mental institution in New England & it's supposed hauntings & visits by gothic teens, Bulgaria travels where he met his late best friend who introduced him to Buddhism, launching a YouTube page of Bulgaria documentaries, being interviewed on Bulgarian TV, having a sense of purpose in adult make-believe, the relationship between art, chanting & meditation for physical & mental health, & more! Stories, quips, bad singing, arts & farts! Trump & trumpets! Grab 'em by the #podcast, while you can!

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