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10.13.2015 Filmmaker John Hartman of Reel Groovy Films (left) spewing the groovy gospel as a special in-person guest on I, #mikeotoole 's (right) artist profile series/arts and entertainment #ExperimentallyILL #Radio #podcast – episode 83, earlier tonight, after he filmed me acting as a radio/TV personality reacting to the death of fashion model Victor, for his VHS film "Victor Has Been Shot," which is featured in his Retro Tube old school tv tribute webseries. Victor Has Been Shot comments on the media sensationalism that takes place when a public figure is killed. On my podcast, John revealed a secret, for which I am allowing him to release publicly before this episode, in addition to some of his career history and life story, such as trying to make it as a Hollywood actor in the thick of the Rodney King LA riots, his travels to Bulgaria, thoughts on technology and social media, the alternative culture/ counter-culture, fetish, mental illness and his creative process, and more! Stay tuned to and ReelGroovyFilms .com #headphones #microphones #audiorecording #diy #media #artists #hippie #punk #goth #newwave #emo #allblackeverything #selfie #selftimerselfie

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